Unknown Fear

The most stand out fear project to me is Amber’s unknown fear, she asked us close our eyes after her come in the classroom, and then she hand to a cup of “drink” to each person, not allow to smell it and ask everybody drink it at the same time.  Actually after her project, I realized i am fear of the unknown thing. Cause we don’t know anything about that cup of drink before drink it, you will guess is this taste weird? or is this will hurt you? But when we drank it at the same time, there is laugh around me, and one second after, I was laugh too.

This is a very strong example of the fear project, I like how she interaction with classmates. I think that is how I can improve my own project.


Analysis the “fear” project

What I did for the “fear” project is played a video that’s the most disgusting I have ever watched. Cause is the cut of korean movie, there is no English version, my hypothesis of my fear project is: I guest some of my classmates will have the same feeling with me, some of people won’t look at the screen anymore. People will realize they are fear this thing.

However, when I playing the video, i cannot look at the screen, and I have never watched this to the end. I was looking at my classmates and see their reaction, I can see some people feel uncomfortable while they watching the most disgusting part. After the video, I know people won’t get the mean of why they did this.

I guess the thing I need improve is subtitle, I should translate it to English, so audience would understand it.

Hypothesize the expected outcome

What I going to show is the most disgusting thing to me, and it makes me really really fear. I guest some of my classmates will have the same feeling with me, some of people won’t look at the screen anymore. People will realize they are fear this thing. Looking forward Monday’s presentation.

Class Take Away (what the bleep)

We watched “what the bleep” last week. Actually I am  not fan of the science or universal things, that’s why I cannot focus on the movie. I admit that’s make me sleepy. But the last scene stood me out, the conversation of the two dimensional space and three dimensional space, that’s got my attention, even though that’s almost the end.


This week we displayed our vision board to the class, everyone has  great ideas. Vision board is a kind of list of our goals for the future, I will keep my vision board since that’s the first I did a vision board and it’s really helpful, it will remind me what is my goals every time I saw it.

Our final assignment is about fear, I know I got Trypophobia, fear of holes. But I don’t know what i should do with this idea. and how can i explore with it.

Vision board

Vision board is like a guide for your future life and it’s represent what you are going to achieve in the future by some pictures or words. Actually you will learn about your self when you creating you own vision board, you know what you want in the future. Place the vision board to the place that you will notice, then you can check your progress and focus on the thing that your are going to achieve. In the past, I just think about my future, vision board will help us to clarify our goals.

Since my roadblock for my creativity is communication. Here  is my vision board. Confidence is my goal to achieve.

.Camera 360


We have discuss the bliss assignment for last week’s class, everyone were talk about what they did for the 3 hours assignment and their what if questions. One thing stand out of my mind is someone cannot work in a quite place, but someone could only stay at a quite place then they can work. Before that class, I thought everyone would work in a quite place, honestly, this is the first time that I heard people must work in a noisy environment.I am the person who can only work in a quite place since the noise will bother me when I was working.

Then Beth signed the vision board assignment, still thinking about what should I do.